Frequently Asked Questions


Does the fan run continuously or turn off and on with the thermostat?

Once the power is off, heating elements will stop working first. The fan will continue working for up to 60 seconds to disperse the residual heat inside the heater. This is a normal function.

Is Wunder Warmer UA approved?

WunderWarmer is ETL certified.

Does the heating system generate positive ions or negative ions?

Neither, the Wunder Warmer generates heat. The secret to this "tiny" device is that it uses thermo-ceramic technology to heat your room within a few minutes.

Can I plug it into a power strip?

We do not recommend plugging Wunder Warmer into any sort of extension cord or power strips. Wunder Warmer is designed to be plugged directly into your wall outlet.

What safety features does it have?

Wunder Warmer has an auto shut off feature to prevent overheating. The timer can also be used to ensure the heater does not run for a long period of time.

How many watts does Wunder Warmer Produce?

Wunder Warmer produces 350 watts of heating power.

What temperature can I set my Wunder Warmer for?

You can set your Wunder Warmer anywhere from 60°- 90° Fahrenheit.

How long can I set the timer for?

Wunder Warmer allows you to set a timer between 1 and 12 hours.

Will it work on my upside-down or sideways outlet?

Yes, Wunder Warmer comes with a fully adjustable 180° plug that allows you to plug into these types of outlets.

Will Wunder Warmer work on my country's plug?

Yes, we send the appropriate heater plug based on your location to ensure you get a compatible device.

How many do I need for my home?

Each Wunder Warmer can heat a space of around 75 sq. ft. We recommend using at least one heater per room that you want cozy. Including bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, home offices & more. Larger rooms like living rooms or basements will most likely need 2 or more Wunder Warmer.

Where does Wunder Warmer ship from?

Wunder Warmer uses fulfillment and shipping centers throughout the world. Your location will determine which shipping center is chosen upon receiving your order to get you your Wunder Warmer as fast as possible.